(With Michael Vaughan at the global reveal of MyySports during SportsPro 2022 at the iconic Oval, London)

I co-founded MyySports in December 2020. Our aim is to create the world’s largest sports community by making quality sports experiences more accessible. We provide tools for grassroots sports, such as scoring and live streaming. In just one year, we’ve engaged 13,000 teams and 83,000 players in over 9,000 matches, reaching 16 million impressions across India. As a founding member of MyySports, I contribute to redefining the phygital sports experience through gamification and making Sports accessible. MyySports, an integral part of the MyyTake Group, adheres to a purpose-driven philosophy that advocates ‘Goodness as a Way of Life’.

(With the whole MyySports team during Christmas festivities)

Over the past decade and a half, my endeavours have significantly contributed to the evolution of India’s gaming industry. As the Founder of Hashstash (now MyyHashstash) and GameDev.in, I have spearheaded some of the country’s premier game development initiatives. MyyHashstash, a leading game development studio in India, became a part of the MyyTake family in November 2021, further solidifying our commitment to industry innovation. In collaboration with MyySports, MyyHashstash, and GameDev.in, we are utilising technology and interactive media to create global platforms that empower the youth to instigate sustainable and impactful change in their worlds.

(A busy day at work at Hashstash)

By 2011, I had started Hashstash, a game development studio. We developed multiple award-winning mobile games including Circulets, Huerons, and Splash Damage. Since 2016, we developed best-in-class games for organisations like Amazon, Byju’s, Headstart Australia, Akiverse, Vistara, MX Player, OYO, Hike, Vodafone Foundation, and WWF India.

(A group picture of all participants at the end of Global Game Jam 2017 – Delhi NCR at Hashstash Noida premises)

In 2009, I founded Indie GameDev India (now GameDev.in), the country’s largest and longest-running game developer community. It fosters knowledge exchange among India’s burgeoning game developer network. We organise industry-leading initiatives such as the BYOG (Build Your Own Game) Game Jam, the annual India Game Developer Conference, the IGDC Awards, and Campfire. My contributions to the Indian Games Industry were recognized when I was included in the GI100 Global Game Changer’s 2020 list by GamesIndustry.biz magazine.

(Taking a session at MozCamp Pune 2012)

I kicked off my career in 2008, focusing on promoting open-source projects like WordPress, GNOME, and Mozilla in India. I helped launch Mozilla’s Representative program, creating a robust community of over 100 reps who promoted web literacy in schools and colleges across India. I evangelised and advocated for Mozilla Firefox, FirefoxOS, and also organised the Mozilla’s Student Ambassador program in South-East Asia.