A collection of media stories written by or featuring me.

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November 17, 2023Game DeveloperFeatureThe ascent of Indian video game development
Indian video game development seems to be displaying more and more potential and exposure; we spoke to three different developers based in India about their current projects and their own experiences.
January 20, 2021Inside Asian GamingFeatureFounders of leading Indian gaming companies among speakers at upcoming SBC Digital India
SBC Digital India, the online event set to run from 27 to 28 January 2021, will feature the founders of some of the country’s leading companies that continue to drive forward the fast-growing real-money gaming industry.
December 28, 2020Exchange4MediaFeatureKinshuk Sunil of MyyTake recognised as one of top 100 Global Game Changers
Sunil has been named among the 100 people who made progress in areas like diversity, mental health, progressive politics and others
October 20, 2020Insights SuccessArticleGamifying The Remote Workplace
How you can drive teams to be more productive and collaborative in a post-COVID world with gamification
February 18, 2017The Sunday GuardianFeatureMeet the game-changers
The indie game developers of India account for nearly 25% of the gaming industry in India. And they don’t consider the influx of foreign games as competition or challenge; they have actually been collaborating with designers and teams from other countries.
February 28, 2015Entrepreneur IndiaFeatureFrom an Outsourcing Hub to $900M Market: It’s Game On for Indian Start-ups
Indian gaming industry has really come of age. Having genesis in late 90s when companies like Dhruva Interactive and Indiagames started developing and publishing games, today India has more than 250 gaming companies, mostly start-ups aiming to develop the next Flappy Bird or Candy Crush.
January 27, 2015Pocket GamerInterviewHashstash Studio on its aspirations for the Indian mobile game market
In the lead up to Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2015, we’re catching up with the top developers from the region to discuss their views on the Indian market, Reliance Game’s GameHack initiative. and the developers who inspire them. This week, we’re talking to Kinshuk Sunil of Hashstash Studios.
October 08, 2014Economic TimesFeatureStartups cash in on mobile gaming fever
An influx of venture capital, the right mentoring and a number of success stories have generated a surge in interest in the gaming business.
Jul 16, 2014NDTV PrimeFeatureGaming: Not Just a Pass Time, Now a Career
How to get into the gaming industry in India? Who gets hired, who loses out? How are games developed and what is the future of the gaming industry in the country? We find out all the answers on this episode of Heads Up, as we take a look at India’s flourishing gaming industry.
November 25, 2013NASSCOM Game Developer ConferenceInterviewInterview with Kinshuk Sunil & Yadu Rajiv, Co-founders, Hashstash Studios
In conversation with Surabhi Upadhyay at the NASSCOM Game Developers Conference, Co-founders of Hashstash Studios, Kinshuk Sunil & Yadu Rajiv, talk about their journey into gaming industry
June 26, 2013Animation XpressInterview‘Circulets’ by Hashstash Studios Awarded the ‘Most Innovative Game’ Award at Casual Connect Asia 2013: In Tęte-Ŕ-Tęte with Kinshuk Sunil, Founder of Hashstash
June 5, 2013Game DeveloperFeatureThe Poeisis of the Indie Game
A brief examination of a concept called Poeisis and how Indie games save technology through a revelation of the artist. The article uses a new game by HASHSTASH STUDIOS, called ‘Circulets’
April 2012Game Coder MagFeatureStanding on the Shoulders of Giants
A history of Video Game development in India and Rise of the Independent Developers
April 11, 2010Indian ExpressEventTech students out to give software firms run for money
They are the new whiz kids on the block and offer a better and more affordable version of popular software.
February 09, 2010Open Source For YouArticle5 Tools to Develop AAA Games
A quick look at 5 open source tools we can use to make games of AAA quality