Building India’s Game Development Ecosystem

Founded in 2009 by Kinshuk Sunil and Yadu Rajiv, (formerly Indie GameDev India) stands as a cornerstone of India’s vibrant game developer community. For over 15 years, the platform has tirelessly fostered growth and collaboration within the Indian game development scene. Their efforts extend to strategic partnerships with key industry players, all with the aim of creating a supportive network for aspiring and established game developers.

The community’s reach is impressive, with over 4,000 active members engaging across’s diverse channels. One of their flagship initiatives is BYOG (Build Your Own Game), a yearly 48-hour game jam organized in collaboration with IndiaGDC since 2010. also played a pivotal role in establishing and executing the IndiaGDC Awards (formerly the NGF Awards) since 2013, recognizing excellence within the Indian game development industry.



Their unwavering dedication is evident in a year-round schedule of meetups and networking events, along with their support for delegations and conferences tailored for game developers. Recent initiatives include virtual “Campfire” meetups and the development of the Indian industry’s Studio and People Directory, offering valuable resources to the community.



In recognition of their impactful work, honored Kinshuk, Yadu, and Vivek with the prestigious Global Game Changers award.’s legacy continues to shape India’s position in the global game development landscape, empowering developers and nurturing a thriving ecosystem.