The Girl Rising Game

I was the lead producer on this impactful game designed to amplify the Girl Rising Foundation’s mission of female empowerment. Drawing inspiration from the “Girl Rising” film, the game allows players to experience the real-life challenges faced by girls seeking education. Through interactive storytelling and unique ‘social evil’ battles, the game aimed to both educate and assess the impact of its message.

My Role

Production Lead: Oversaw all aspects of game development, including game and level design.
Narrative & Gameplay Design: Edited stories and missions to ensure compelling gameplay that reinforced the educational themes.


Why It Matters

The Girl Rising India Game is a standout project for Hashstash. It demonstrates our commitment to using games for social good and our ability to create experiences that are both entertaining and thought-provoking.

This games was developed by Hashstash in partnership with Girl Rising India Foundation, Vodafone Foundation, and NASSCOM Foundation.