Ludo Live! Heroes & Strategy

At Hashstash, I worked to develop Ludo Live!, a modern and innovative take on the classic board game. Featuring unique heroes, spells, and strategic battle mechanics, Ludo Live! offers a fresh, skill-based experience while retaining the core Ludo appeal. This game was published by Octro.

My Role


  • Gameplay Design: Conceptualized hero abilities, battle systems, spell mechanics, and variations on the traditional Ludo format to create strategic depth.
  • Balancing: Ensured competitive balance between the diverse heroes and abilities.
  • Feature Design: Contributed to the design of progression systems and the overall player experience.



  • Redefining a Classic: Successfully modernized Ludo while retaining its social and accessible core.
  • Strategic Depth: Transformed Ludo into a game of skill and tactical decision-making.
  • Player Engagement: The variety of heroes and spells offers compelling replay ability and customization.