Banao Apni Pehchan!

MyySports transforms the way you experience local cricket. This powerful app combines live scorekeeping, effortless streaming, and automated highlights – all for free! Whether you’re playing a casual match in the streets or an organized tournament, MyySports lets you share thrilling moments with friends, family, and a growing sports community.

Effortlessly stream your matches just like the pros with MyySports. It’s as simple as setting up the app, assigning a scorer and streamer, and starting to play. Say goodbye to complicated setups and enjoy live cricket anywhere!


MyySports goes beyond basic scorekeeping. Get detailed stats, ball-by-ball updates, and professional-looking scoreboards – ideal for serious players and tournament organizers. Plus, the app automatically captures those epic fours, sixes, and wickets, allowing you to instantly share highlights on social media.


Connect with other players, build your team, and become a tournament organizer with MyySports. Share your matches with a wider audience, potentially attracting thousands of live viewers. The app even helps you track your sports career with personalized stats, just like an international star!


While MyySports excels at cricket, it’s also a fantastic tool for other sports like football. Boost your match experience by booking professional services, stay updated with MyyTV’s sports content, and use it for organizing corporate leagues. It’s your all-in-one companion on your journey from local enthusiast to sports champion.


As a founding team member and Head of Technology & Gaming at MyySports, I envisioned a platform that would elevate the experience of local sports. Bringing my technical expertise to the table, I spearheaded the development of the core MVP, translating this concept into a dynamic reality.


We raised a sizeable seed round with a focus to organise and digitise grassroots sports, by providing highly technical tools in an easy to use DIY package and a gamified experience. Within a span of a year, the MVP of MyySports reached a MAU of ~180K, supporting over 14K teams, 88K Players, organised over 9K matches, which were consumed for over 95K hours and generated well over 19Mn views.