One Planet Academy

I believe in the power of interactive technology to drive learning and positive change, especially in the realm of education. My work on One Planet Academy, a collaboration with WWF India and Capgemini, exemplifies this belief. This groundbreaking digital platform focuses on environmental education for K12 students. It uses games, stories, creative media, and other engaging formats to spark awareness and inspire conservation.

One Planet Academy has three primary goals:

  • Empower Educators: Provide resources that build educators’ capacity for compelling environmental education and encourage action-oriented learning.
  • Engage Young Learners: Deliver exciting, interactive content that promotes a deep connection between students and the natural world.
  • Encourage Dialogue: Create spaces for students to discuss and express perspectives on critical environmental and biodiversity issues.

For this project, I led the team at Hashstash in building and managing the platform’s entire digital game library. The games became a core element of the interactive learning experience, demonstrating my commitment to game-based learning strategies. 

My work on One Planet Academy underscores my passion for sustainability and my expertise in building impactful digital experiences. It demonstrates my ability to transform complex challenges, like environmental education, into engaging and effective solutions.