Triple One Teen Patti & Poker

Triple One was a groundbreaking online card game catering to regional players, offering both Teen Patti and Poker variants. Built on the cutting-edge Nakama engine, Triple One stood out as one of the most secure, high-performance, and rigorously authenticated card games in the country. I had the privilege of serving as the Game Director for this ambitious project.

My Role

  • Game Vision: Established the overarching creative direction, ensuring Triple One delivered a compelling and culturally-relevant player experience.
  • Feature & Systems Design: Led the design of core gameplay systems, in-game economy, and robust anti-fraud measures.
  • Nakama Expertise: Leveraged in-depth knowledge of Nakama’s capabilities to optimize performance and security for a large-scale player base.
  • Team Leadership: Guided the development team, fostering collaboration and ensuring adherence to project milestones.


Triple One exemplified Hashstash’s strengths in several key areas:

  • Technical Innovation: Pioneering use of the Nakama engine for secure, scalable card game development.
  • Player-Centric Design: Focus on delivering an authentic, enjoyable experience tailored to the target audience.
  • Market Understanding: Demonstrated a nuanced understanding of regional gaming trends and player preferences.