Games and Concepts.. Up Next

Games and Concepts.. Up Next

Our upcoming game at Hashstash, is shaping up pretty well and will soon be at the point, where I will start sharing details with you. With the game reaching maturity, I have started experimenting with some new ideas.

The first one is a real-time multiplayer galcon-styled strategy game. The idea is to keep it simple and casual, yet have layers of strategy with supply lines and logistics. It is an exciting concept, where we are also experimenting with how we can involve tech trees, and include eras of human evolution in the gameplay. The real challenge here is to keep it simple and casual.

The second idea we are experimenting with is a match three game meets the tycoon genre. A bit like Puzzle Forge, but way more generic and social in gameplay. I have been a big fan of Kairosoft’s Story franchise and would love building something like that. Just for this concept, the idea is to keep the meta game tycoon, while the repetitive mechanic as match three. Again, something that sounds both promising and weird as an idea. Let’s see if this pans out.

The third idea is a space exploration and trading game, inspired by the likes of Sid Meier’s Pirates, Tradewinds series and the recent Starship Captains. The idea is to have a huge and expansive universe with lots of races and cultures, and you as a trader between it all embroiled in the mysteries and politics of the universe. It would be very interesting to have something like the Asimov universe with distinct races and cultures going about in the game. Another interesting layer could be something like Hero Generations.

As always, one always running idea is a cricket simulation game. Sadly, I have stopped doing much about it. In late 2014, I came pretty close, but still not done yet.

I will keep posting here, the progress that I make with the ideas.

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