Old Ends, New Begins

Old Ends, New Begins

Yesterday was an awful day.

While working on the community administration for OSS Camp Delhi, September 2007 I hit several dead ends. MDI Gurgaon does not hire out facilities for external events. JNU wants me to call on Monday. IIT Delhi and IMT do not pick up calls. DU is as sleepy as it always has been. I’ll knock some corporate doors now and maybe premier institutions such as the India International Centre and the India Habitat Centre. But that would escalate the cost way too high…. let me grumble about getting more sponsors.

But that wasn’t enough. I wanted to meet a very good friend of mine, but as luck and the day would have it… she couldn’t wait five minutes longer. Humbug!

Then, I gave a DVD to my friend. This DVD had been in my bag for two weeks now, and as he tells me, the surface is swamped with scratches. As far as I remember, I don’t have a copy. I should though.

And then finally, I deleted one of my best friends web site. The Kitty had a good laugh about it though I couldn’t understand how he could laugh about such a great personal loss. He said some good things (I don’t remember the exact wording, so I paraphrase them):

“Why be troubled and fume, scream and shout over it… after that we have to build it again… so lets cut the crap […] and why waste energy over it […] I am lazy […] its ok.. it happens… this is how we learnt everything.. be it vb6 or the web… sometimes the loss is small, sometimes its huge.. thats no biggie”.

The Kitty on his website being accidentally deleted by me

That’s one of the best things he has ever said but the problem is that I have no clue how I deleted it all, so I haven’t learned. So much for the Old Skool. Unfortunately, though I thought “maybe tomorrow”… Tomorrow hasn’t been any good either… not so far.

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